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Professional Full Service Solar Energy Provider in Texas

As your roof solar panel provider in the McKinney area Roder Construction Group will examine all aspects of your solar readiness to make sure that you and your home is a good fit for solar panel installation here in McKinney! Some things that determine if your home is a good fit for solar panels are:

  • Condition of your roof – Your Roof and shingles should be in a good structurally sound condition although solar panels only ad about 3 lbs per square foot, it is important that your roof will stand up to the job.
  • Local/ Neighborhood Restrictions
    Most of the time we can help resolve issues that may arise, but in some cases you may need to verify with your local and residential restrictions, deed rights, ordinances. Remember that according to Texas Property Code Section 202.010, HOAs and POAs cannot prohibit or restrict a property owner from installing a solar energy device.
  • Shading and angle of the Sun

    Ensuring that your home receives an ample amount of sunlight throughout the days is crucial to the ability of the panels to produce the energy they are designed to do.

Solar Installation

Let our solar panel installation team here in McKinney take care of everything. Quality panels, detailed clean up and quality control walkthroughs ensures a smooth transition to green energy.


We have partnered with the highest quality solar panel manufactures in the industry to provide comprehensive warranties for up to 25 years!

1.99% financing

Our financing partnerships allow us to provide flexible financing options to ease the financial burden and keep your project affordable. Let us get you started today with no money out of pocket!

McKinney Solar Panel Installation | Roof Solar Panel Provider


Benefits of Solar Panel

Upgrading to a solar panel system can be a big decision and we know that a lot of homeowners in and around McKinney are not familiar with solar panel installation and the technology involved. There are a lot of misconceptions about roof solar panels and how cost-efficient they are. In most cases homeowners will not have any kind of initial investment and will see an immediate decrease in their monthly energy bill. In addition, to help offset the cost, the federal government is offering an income tax credit of upto 26% that can be either reinvested into the solar system, or used as the homeowner pleases! Over all, you will be less dependent on the local electricity supplier and more self reliant with the peace of mind that you have the power to produce your own electricity!

Our Process

1. Free Energy Assessment

A qualified member of our staff will provide you with a free energy audit of your home. This will detail the projected savings, estimated cost, and a visual of how many panels will be installed along with the locations that they will be placed on your home.

2. Approved Agreement

The approval process takes less than 10 min to complete and the requirements are very easy to qualify for. all you need a 600+ credit score and show that you are the owner of your home! THAT’S IT!

3. Site Survey

A team of professionals will come out to ensure all safety precautions are being taken for a smooth install that supports all local regulatory processes and codes for your solar panel installation

4. CAD/ Permit

Once the survey has been completed our team will obtain all of the permits and licenses needed from your local regulatory offices. This process can take up to 4 weeks to complete 

5. Installation

Our licensed team will securely fix the solar panels to their appropriate locations and activate the system for use as well as take care of any additional services you may have added

6. Solar Savings

Now that the installation is complete and the system is generating clean energy, you get to enjoy your investment paying off. say good bye to your electric bills and hello to owning your own power!


Solar Asset 10

We are a roof solar panel provider in McKinney offering energy solutions to the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex and surrounding areas. We provide the most advanced solar technology available at a cost-effective rate to both our residential, commercial, and industrial customers. Let’s Go Solar!


What are the Advantages 

of Solar Energy?

Pros of Solar Energy

Transitioning to Solar energy comes with a number of benefits. Some advantages of solar energy include:

    Reduced electric bill

    Insurance against rising energy costs

    Cheaper power source

    Return on investment

    Environmentally friendly

    Energy independence

    No upfront costs

    sustainable energy source

    Prolongs the life of your roof

    Home value increase

    Easily Transferable

    Low Maintenance and easy to care for


    Solar Asset 10

    As your local solar panel installation experts in McKinney, our goal is to provide our customers with quality products and experienced crews to ensure the integrity of all the work we do. We build relationships, not just customers.