Residential Renovation


Residential Renovations Asset 10

As your local flooring and paint contractors our goal is provide quality products and experienced crews backed with our warranty to ensure the integrity of all roof repairs and replacements we do. We build relationships, not just customers… If you are looking for an experienced bathroom or kitchen remodeling team in McKinney or the surrounding areas, call Roder Construction Group today!


Flooring Asset 10

Here in McKinney. our friendly bathroom and kitchen remodeling team  is  trained to help you set your home apart. A great home isn’t just about the flooring plans and  colors. We are a full service McKinney remodeling, painting, and flooring company  that will turn your place into a dream home.


Tile Work Asset 10

Tile and grout cleaning, repair and restoration. Whether it’s bathroom or kitchen remodeling, our McKinney based contractors offer services, including  broken or chipped tile repair, re-grouting, missing or loose tiles replacement, ceramic tile cleaning, and more!


Internal & External Painting Asset 10

Our team of painters in McKinney are experts at working on the inside of the house with two coats of paint on walls, ceilings and trim. Painting of exterior of house with two coats in all weather conditions.

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